IVODIX is a business consulting & training company

helping you expand your business to Vienna

“I am looking for new opportunities. Should I start a business in Vienna?”

If you want to grow or stabilize your company and you are thinking about expanding to Austria, you are right here.

  • It might be, you are looking for new market opportunities to scale your home business.

  • It might be you have excess profit to invest and are searching for something new.

  • It might be, you want to stabilize your company and decrease home country risks.

  • It might be, you have international business ambitions and Austria is close enough or attractive for any other reasons, to start with.

  • It might be you see bigger target market for your products in Austria than in your home country.

  • Or maybe you just want to check the potential for future plans and alternatives.

Whatever reason you have, the main questions are how to explore a foreign country, how to estimate the potential for your business, how to build new professional contacts fast.

Simply put: how to find answers for your questions before investing.

Entering a new market is an art that has its own methology steps. There are a number of strategic junctions, and by building them correctly you get a stable net, a system that protects and lifts your company in unknown circumstances.

Entering a new market starts a new learning process, a series of experiments; and the number and extent of errors, as well as speed determine success.

IVODIX helps you enter Vienna, the capital of Austria as a new market for your products or services, helps you explore the unknown, map out possibilities, find the best options and solutions. Systematic research methods and mapping systems shorten the learning process, reduce risks, and make the unknown transparent.

By agile project management and adaptive, lean methologies, we increase your efficiency.

Choose a consultant or learn how to do it yourself

Experienced business consultants and corporate advisors are happy to support you on your way, but also, you have the option to enroll in training classes and learn how to professionally enter the Austrian market (do it yourself). And you may mix both options, too.

We help you understand the culture, habits and social rules; help you explore your industry in Austria and research market potential; connect you to local professionals, associations, business agencies and authorities .

We open doors for you

We not only open one, we open a dozen of doors, we check what we see in the light of your specific goals, then report about the opportunities that are worth to see yourself.

We help turn your ideas into reality

Our support is based on a market entry system. This system is a guideline, how we explore new markets and situations in the light of your specific goals.

Our job is to understand your vision and define implementation in Vienna. Our job is to research your potential market and find the best alternatives for you to exploit. Our job is to turn your vision into reality. And also if you wish so, our job is to teach you how to do it yourself.

Like jungle guides, we help you lay a path into the unknown to reach your target.

An experienced guide increases your chance of survival by reducing time and risks. You and us together, we co-create –and if necessary co-innovate- a business model fitting to the new situation you are in, apply an agile proof of concept, test & validate it, and then implement step by step with you. Or you implement with your own team.

Our contribution is to support you at your first steps in Austria and to hold your hands in the time of uncertainty until you learn going your way.

About us

We are experienced business consultants and corporate advisors happy to support you. We work as a team of individual professionals,  and cooperate with specialists in Vienna (lawyers, tax advisors, real estate agents,  etc.) and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.

We have had leading positions in international corporations, but we have also been entrepreneurs for years now, so we are at home in both areas. We know a wide range of market entry strategies, their advantages, disadvantages and resource requirements. We have experience in launching new products, product lines and business units; introducing existing ones on new markets; launching new businesses and startups. Our methods were born from merging multinational corporate- and entrepreneurial experience, i.e merging systematic approach and fast validation.

Our team adds up 25+ years of experience in building market entry strategies. We have launched products, product lines, brands, companies. We have launched mostly innovations, but also, existing brands in new markets. We have learned our lessons and we share those with you.

Our philosophy

Our experience shows that there is no general recipe, the success of a method depends heavily on how a person (whether a solo entrepreneur or manager of a company) approaches problems, what methods (s)he prefers. Therefore, we are mapping not only the markets, but also your personality in order to use the most effective methods. We design a market entry strategy that suits best to the industry, your product or service, and your personality.

Our values & beliefs


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Our customers are mainly small and medium sized innovative companies that are often leaders in their niche and are operated by the founders. They are already experienced in their base country and want to extend business internationally, penetrate throughout Europe, and Austria is one optional station on their roadmap. They benefit from our services, because they need someone locally, a dedicated professional with local connections, who researches opportunities based on their specific instructions, someone who is representing the interest of the company. And this for a limited period of time, until business is set up or pivot to a new direction is decided.

They typically choose to work with us, because they value our interpersonal skills, our understanding of diverse cultures and because we strongly integrate their personal strengths and business attitude in the suggested market entry strategy. We work out something that suits their business, not just promote Austria as a market.


We work as a team of individual professionals,  and cooperate with specialists in Vienna (lawyers, tax advisors, real estate agents,  etc.) and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.